The Solution: iVNG balanceback™ System:

  • Fast, accurate and quantitative test that may be used to accurately diagnose balance disorders and dfferentiate between:

    • Central Nervous System Disorders
    • Vestibular Disorders
    • Other Balance Disorders
  • Evidenced based medicine that aids in accurately detecting, confirming and treating balance disorders.
  • You can now properly diagnose children with vestibular disorders who may sometimes be incorrectly diagnosed as learning disabled, dyslexic, or with psychological problems.
  • Straightforward Clinical interpretation
  • Accredited Training (6 CE Credits) (included with purchase)
  • Access to Monthly Webinars with Clinicians
  • Voice Commands
  • Video Playback of recorded eye movements
  • Video Professor
  • 39 Standardized Tests
  • Ability to create your own Custom Test Templates
  • Patented Goggles, providing the most advanced tracking technology.
  • iFind™ Eye automates the setup of pupil tracking: saving you time and helping you to keep test time short, quick and accurate.
  • The iFind™ function automatically sets the zoom, panning, and crosshair adjustment for most patients
  • No need to adjust knobs on goggles. Patented Goggles are lightweight and designed for comfort and ease of use. All adjustments are performed in software setup; more convenient for patient, and clinician.
  • Automatic zoom in/out directly from computer screen for both pupils or individually
  • Test both horizontal and vertical channels

ExacTrak™ Toolset balanceback™’s proprietary software enhancement results in better eye tracking and fewer re-tests. Features Include:

  • Noise filters remove most blinks and handles droopy eye issues
  • Record, save, and playback the video sequence
  • Analyze the associated test data appearing in a graph on your screen
  • Automatically spots and marks nystagmus and interprets results for you on the spot. Allows clinicians to mark their own data if preferred.

Additional balanceback™’s proprietary software enhancements and benefits Include:

  • Measure both Horizontal and Vertical Channels
  • Dual infrared cameras
  • Easy To Use: Software can be controlled by technician by Voice Command, Remote Control, Foot Pedal or with keyboard.
  • Easy to administer test with Voice Commanded Patient Instructions
  • Cost effective
  • Manufactured, Engineered and Designed in the USA


Preferred By Clinicans, Major Universities, Hospitals and Clinical Training Facilities.

The iVNG (intuitive Videonystamography) system has been utilized clinically for more than 10 years within the physician office, hospital and clinical trial settings. Validation of the iVNG system’s accuracy and reproducibility has been documented through the following:

Published Clinical Studies

  • Clinically validated in clinical studies detailing strong accuracy
  • Improved accuracy with standard VNG and ENG equipment
  • High Sensitivity and Specificity

Multi Center Clinical Trials

Widely utilize by renowned institutions, including:


The iVNG system has been and continues to be utilized in multi-center clinical trials for major institutions. The iVNG system was chosen for its documented accuracy and reproducibility.