A Proven Solution
For Patients who present with Balance Deficiencies
Brought On by:
Age, Trauma, Injury OR Disease

Designed for use by:

  • Medical Centers
  • Clinics and Hospitals
  • Medical and PT Offices
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Recreation Centers
  • Health and Fitness Clubs
  • Universities
  • Professional Sport Teams

Features and Benefits include:

  • Includes: platform, hand pump, variable air pressure bladder system, analog pressure gauge, tilt sensor
    and laptop computer.
  • Hand pump (no electricity required) offers total portability.
  • Laptop computer provided with proprietary software installed.
  • Variable air pressure bladder system and a tilt sensor (solid-state accelerometer) within the platform to
    track movements 360° horizontal and 20° vertical.
  • Non-slip pads on platform for added safety.
  • Real time, visual biofeedback.
  • Static and dynamic balance assessment.
  • Five training mazes for extreme balance training.
  • Objective documentation – printed color reports to track progress and document outcomes.
  • One year warranty.